1. ENA Technician Cleaning Kit
ENA Technician Cleaning Kit
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ENA Technician Cleaning Kit

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Product Description

Product Overview:  The Diebold Nixdorf ENA Technician Cleaning Kit offers users a safe, consistent and effective approach to removing problematic dirt & debris buildup from performance critical components within the ENA module. A routine preventative cleaning program using the OEM approved cleaning kit ensures the Note Acceptor Module operates and processes transactions correctly as expected. Each cleaning kit performs one complete cleaning on a Diebold Nixdorf ENA Module.

Cleaning Kit Includes:
(9) Individually Packaged Pre-Moistened Cleaning Products including:
1.    Validator Key Swab w/ Dust Tray
2.    (2) Waffletechnology® Deposit Cleaning Cards
3.    C.I. & U.D.D. Autoclean™ Cards
4.    Validator Autoclean™ Card
5.    Vertical Transport Autoclean™ Card
6.    Return Path Autoclean™ Card
7.    (2) KICPad™
8.    (2) Waffletechnology™ Deposit Cleaning Cards
9.    Dry Cloth & Escrow Dust Tray

Key Benefits:
•    Standardizes the cleaning process
•    Significantly reduces time spent properly cleaning
•    Provides easy access for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
•    Reduces damage caused by cleaning with unapproved materials
•    Reduces repeat service calls related to cleaning
•    Reduces unnecessary spare part replacement due to dirt & debris buildup

Suitable For Use On: ENA (Enhanced Note Acceptors) - Most commonly found in Optevas.

Suggested Frequency of Use: Starting recommendation is to clean an ENA unit every 3 months.  Location, environment, traffic and usage of the module can impact the frequency of cleaning. If visible debris is built up on rollers or you’re experiencing repeat calls, it is recommended that you perform a cleaning using this kit. We recommend using this kit with the KIC Stick (PN: 11066685000A) to aid in the cleaning process though it can be used without it.

Instructions: Each kit includes an easy to follow instruction sheet. Each individual pack includes step by step instructions including imagery for handling, software prompts and a QR code for video demonstrations. An additional full start-to-finish training video is included on the instruction sheet.

Full Video Demonstration: https://kicteam.com/ena-deep-cleaning